[Announce] 3D Models - Animations - New Progress

[Announce] 3D Models - Animations - New Progress

Hello everyone !

Modelling progress still continue. As you know i was only using ready-to-use characters for my animations. But it will change as stylized characters with some finer details.

I'm silent in these days. Reason is i'm working. And i'm happy for you are a part of this process.

Face and Expressions

Actually, head part is the most important section for a model. All of expressions and feelings coming from there. The ethnicity is not important for now. But i especially working on teeth, lips, eyes and totally expressions.

It will open a big door for vore scenes and dialogues.

Hands and Feet

As you know, they are another important parts. My main thing is fingernails, toenails and shape. Especially toe shape and finger shape have to be looking toony, sexy.


Models will be nearly real human body measurements. But head, eyes and mouth parts will be different.

Movement & Voice

As much as i can, i will add dialogue system with real female voice. I already shared my ideas/critics about animation dynamism before.

Scene Details and Changes

I shared and made many different animations before. From my side, when i look behind of the wall, i can say "I can make it better" and i feel i don't like many of them. Maybe this is merciless critic but i want to open a new page for my animations, clearly.

My animations were totally focusing giantess and feet crush / stomp scenes. I want to adjust this scenes as balanced with vore and dialogue system. Also i want to re-create foot scenes as less directly violence.

Because, "giantess coming and crushing" . This is a reason of short scenes, interrupted scripts and many other things. But i'm thinking more expressions, talking, foot and vore scenes but not directly crush or stomping. Mostly the artistic side of foot / giantess / vore fetish.

For example; of course i can make an inshoe scenes but it can be more sweet. More sexy and less violence. Like massaging or amateur / hesitant style for giantess side.

So at lasy, clearly, i approach it from a different angle.

Please send your reviews below as a comment.

Thank you !

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Mahmoud shared this comment on 2021-11-18

Hello, I wish you success. I want to thank you for compiling and making this kind of movies and animations. Good luck forever.