Soldier Rita - Cannot Be Awakened ! [Giantess Animation] - giantess animation

Soldier Rita - Cannot Be Awakened ! [Giantess Animation]

  • Category : Animations
  • Title : Soldier Rita - Cannot Be Awakened ! [Giantess Animation]
  • Length : 08:30 minutes
  • Bitrate : 16582 Kbps Video / 317 Kbps Sound
  • FPS and Format : 30 FPS / MP4
  • Resolution : 1920x1080
  • Size : 980 MB
  • Shared Date : 2021-11-01

  • Public Release Completed. Click Here for download.

Soldier Rita - Cannot Be Awakened ! [Giantess Animation]


First of all, this is one of my special animation. I tried different things there and i hope you will like it ! Thank you for your all helps for improving myself. This is a reason of your helps !
Please also read details section below. You can find the link bottom.

Technical Details

Animation is 08:30 minutes. I made different scenes, sexy toes and emissive lights for nails and eyes. This is like a nightmare atmosphere.

Rendered with Unreal Engine and Ray Tracing system.

You will find underglass view, POV view, lots of trample and step scenes. Different types of movement, step and squash effects. (I didn't add too much it could be unnecessary)

And a new one, foot rest scene !

Animation Details

A man trapped in virtual reality. Both a pleasure and a nightmare. Which do you think ?

Trapped by a giant woman? A giant woman stepping on it? Or do you want to run away with all your might?

While trying to satisfy his personal feelings, he found himself in a dream that cannot be awakened.

With the weight of the two huge feet on his back, he couldn't take it anymore and plunged into the dream again.

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