Shrink and Relax 2 [Massage Session With Giantess]

Shrink and Relax 2 [Massage Session With Giantess]

Hello everyone.


The new animation is ready for watching.

As you know this is second part of Shrink and Relax Massage Parlor serie. In this animation, Rita and Eva massaging and trampling a customer with barefeet.

At the end of the session, nobody knows which side can feel more relax..

This is the first animation for some important details. Mesh resolution and mesh quality improved. It's looking better for old animations and more i used more detailed skin materials.

I tried some of type materials but i found a good one for me. So finally i can use more realistic and detailed meshes.

On the other hand, my character's meshes was not soft. They were sharpen edges. But now they have soft edges. So, problem fixed !

Body squash effects (morphs) took too much time. By the way i got sick while working.. Honestly that was not easy period for me. But i am clearly happy for the result. I hope you will also like.


And finally, i rendered all 6.600 frames with Nvidia RTX technology and combined with sound effects as always.


I hope you like it.

Thank you for your all helps.

Comments for this animation :

Gio shared this comment on 2021-09-15

I think some of your content are incredible and very realistic God know how you make these videos I love the idea of one of your minions being slowly Crushed under the actual High Heel I would love to see a high heel cuckold caption where the Cuck is being slowly crushed while made to lick the Masters Boots